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When we plan to relocate to a new place, the only concern arises is to keep your assets safe and secure. The Bishnoi Packers And Movers provide enormous facilities to keep your storage to our warehouse for short term or long term as per your need. We are known to be different from other storage facilities company as we offer cost effective storage solutions to our customers across the globe.

It is clear as crystal that Warehouse and Storage service can be a tricky task but we make things easier as our company has their own fleet of vehicles of different sizes to fulfil the demands of every category of cargos. Our team is well trained that focuses on shifting all the goods as per customers demand and also within given time frame.

The warehouse storage service is like moving a mountain when it comes to pickup the Industry equipments as it involves heavy, large and expensive goods but as we are expert in this industry so proper handling of the items are assured. The resources we offer are capable of transporting and storing heavy equipments of any size.

When we talk about storing all the household items, we are very much aware how much space is required which actually becomes an unavoidable challenges but having a complete package of good and trained staff we are competent to handle all the risk and challenges. Every essential precautions and safety measures are taken during the packing and transportation of goods. The whole process involves goods pickup, packaging and labelling of the items. There are various aspect that depend upon the customers but the most primary services are storage and warehousing, order refinement, pickup, packing, returns and many more.

The warehouse storage are equipped with CCTV cameras which are definitely in working condition and 24/7 safety guards to ensure 100% protection to the customers belongings.

Service Included

  • Initially we start working with you to plan an objective for proper shifting of materials.
  • Pre survey will be conducted where our team with visit the site to collect the requirements and finalise the total cost.
  • At the scheduled date and time , our team will reach the location and pickup all the goods that need to be stored in our storage facility.Extra precaution is taken as we do regular pest control and cleaning of the warehouse.​​
  • Our team also performs disassemble of the furniture, removal of electronic cords and pack all the items carefully which is then transported to the warehouse storage for the required period given by customers.
  • Once all the equipments are properly shifted to moving carrier, the throughout travelling duration will cause no effect to the goods even in case of inadequate weather.
  • Our team will make sure all the equipments or goods reaches to our warehouse with utmost safety and maintained carefully throughout the storage period.