Car Carrier Service

Bishnoi Packers offers a plethora of transport and relocation services. Car career service is one of those services available here. We are experienced enough to make this car transportation service easier and more convenient for car owners and the persons who are in car business. As a leading transport company, we make every transportation task professionally. We do not only ensure the safety of your vehicle, but also bring you the freedom from the stress you might gain from the fear of any damage and harm to it. Our professional car career services are designed with all the modern facilities and professional staff support. We take utmost care of your valuable car with which your feeling and dreams are emotionally attached.

We always put the safety and security of your vehicle on top priority. For the same, we use all safety measures while loading, moving and unloading from the carrier. After loading it to the carrier, we use chains to tie it and lock to make it safer. Wheel supporter and safety belts are used to make this task much safer. Chains, wheel supporter, locks and belts make it sure that the movement of the car in the carrier is minimized to ensure the smooth delivery. In addition, carriers of Bishnoi Packers are attached with hydraulic ramp which ensures that your precious car will not move here and there inside the carrier. The car is once accommodated in the carrier; it gets its fixed position. For the safety of the seats of your car, we cover them with a special cover so that the seats do not get spoiled with dust and other material.

We are a reputed transport company that deals in thousands of car movements every year. With our reliable services, unmatched logistic solutions and competitive prices, we have become leader in the industry. The large corporate like Toyota, Ford, Volvo, etc are our regular clients for whom we work. With the help of our trained drivers and well-maintained car carriers, we conquer all the challenges in car transportation task. If you are looking for safe, secure and systematic way to pick up your valuable car just from your doorstep, you can call us and book our services. We will pick up your vehicle and take it to your desired destination.

We are known for the credibility and loyalty in our services. To make sure that we have not driven you car at all, we seal pack all the keys of your precious car in a key pouch. It is just as testimony which proves our commitments in such case. We generally use two different types of carriers to carry your car. For region-wide transportation, we generally utilize open trailers to serve the purpose in local areas. But for nationwide transportation, we use enclosed car carriers to take your vehicle. We have high-end enclosed carriers to protect your vehicle from any kinds of debris and weather.


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